“Once I worked with Liselotte, I was a convert. In just one telephone session, she helped me to let go of some of my more pesky inner limitations, and I felt nurtured, challenged, supported, and loved along the way.”

Michael Neill

SuperCoach / USA

”Liselotte has opened my heart to new adventures. She is focused on my wants, guiding me through discoveries, peeling the onion to my essence, and having fun along the journey.  Her ability to tap in and discover my desires and my unique skills is wonderful.  I intend to enter a new work environment with the confidence of who I am and what I want to offer the world.”

June Plankey

Lokheed Martin / USA

“I happened to attend a presentation by Liselotte on “The Quantum Wealth Acceleration System”.  We had a brief conversation about the things that I fear. Little did I know that she would be my mentor a year later. I had been looking for a mentor for a long time and didn’t know how to find someone I could trust. With Liselotte there is no fear. She exudes complete trust. After my first session with her I felt like a changed person. I felt myself present, calm & focused more than I had ever felt before. Liselotte has helped me tremendously to analyze my inner fears & limitations, release my mental blocks, and explore myself and the possibilities around me. Liselotte is extremely inspiring and has a great ability to ask the right questions bringing totally new perspectives in dealing with various situations. Meeting her is like getting a double shot of “POSITIVE ENERGY”. Above all she has helped change my belief system. I sincerely recommend her and wish her the best always!”

Simran Jindal


“Liselotte’s personal and effective coaching style has helped me break through many of my personal barriers and to reach new heights of vitality in my life! Liselotte is blessed with an extraordinary passion for conscious listening, which she used skillfully to assist in my personal advancement in every session.”

Robert Steinbach

Founder, Director , The Art Company / Canada

I had been looking for a business coach for several years before I met Liselotte, and so far not found somebody that I could relate to. It was important for me to find an executive attentive coach that could help me to outline my goals, handle fears, analyze my current situation as well as my possibilities and, above all, help me to make my business move forward.
I wanted someone who could give me guidance in how to achieve an economic success in my business in order to find the balance in life that is so important. Liselotte has helped me with all this and much more. She gives me insight in the possibilities that surrounds us all and she has undoubtedly helped me to find the right strategies in my business. I warmly recommend her!

Nina Widtskiöld

Ceo, NW Production / Sweden

“I’m so thankful that our paths crossed. This weekends workshop was the best thing that could happened to me. I’ve been searching for the key to open up my “prison” for so long and on many different places. Voilá, you helped me find it! Everything feels so much easier now!!

Erika Braun

Remark, Sweden

“My biggest challenge was marketing myself. The fresh perspectives I received on this while working with Liselotte were groundbreaking for me. Her insightful cajoling and instinctive feel for what was holding me back were at times inspired!  Her wisdom, support and the occasional much needed push, were exactly what I needed to get the wheels in motion. And her great humour and lovely, light approach kept me buoyant when I was in danger of taking it all too seriously and drowning in my own fears. Inspirational! Working with Liselotte has equipped me with new insights and a fresh fearless approach to my business.”

Sonia Lakhsman

One Smart Step / UK

“There are no short-cuts and I don’t believe that life subserve any “quick fix”, howbeit – already after three sessions with Liselotte I ascertain that I suddenly have bookings, expositions and engagements for the coming two years, and this current year is now fully booked!”

Emma Karp Lundström

Emmas / Sweden

” Liselotte is an amazing and inspiring speaker, she engages the listener and we loved to have her speak at our Inaugural Summit in Stockholm.”

Jaleh Taheri

Founder, Women for Sustainable Growth


“Liselotte is a great performer and teacher, as well as speaker. She provides a unique service I’ve never experienced before and I recommend every CEO and business owner to take her course in Cash Flow. She gives a new, modern and essential way to understand global business in a new time”

Erika Mikaelsson, founder of, channel for change


“I’m very critical and heard a lot but this was the best I’ve heard in a very long time! Now I’m inspired and filled with new thoughts and possibilities!”

Audience after inspirational talk “Make Money While You Sleep”, Godmorgon Lund


”I was listening to your talk about Money and I have to say that it was one of the best things I’ve been to. I’m quite accustomed and didn’t think that it would give more than the rest of all the speaking events I’ve been to. You definitevly made a difference because I had a salary negotiation – with Your words ringing in my ears – raised my salary with 50 %! Thank you!”

Irene L, after lecture about money


Liselotte is an excellent teacher in the school of life. Attending her seminars I found new dimensions you never can learn from a book. Thanks to Liselotte I’m able to bring my business to higher levels.”

Annika Sörensen, Doctor, founder of “Ask Dr Annika”


“Liselotte is an amazing and inspiring speaker, she engages the listener and we loved to have her speak at our Inaugural Summit in Stockholm.”

Jaleh Taheri, founder of Women For Sustainable Growth

“The workshop about Accelerating Cash Flow and Money, with Liselotte, was shocking and opened my eyes for totally new perspectives and possibilities. After three months I had doubled my revenue, and amazingly enough that was during a time period where my business normally reaches doldrums. It’s continuing with this pace. It’s almost magic!”

Frida Jönsson

Fridas Grafiska / Sweden

“The Cash Flow Generator Seminar was a real energy kick! Never before had I felt as motivated after a course as I did after taking this one. The Biggest break through was that it gave me a substantial money flow, right away! The joyful feeling for my work was an extra plus point and I got a whole bunch of new collaborative contacts. I participated in a Master Mind team after the seminar and that was a fantastic experience – it was the best! We worked consistently towards our goals, step by step. Thank you Liselotte!”

Pia Jansäter

Jansäter / Sweden

”I’ve had limiting beliefs around money all my life, I didn’t allow myself to enjoy abundance without feeling shame and guilt. After the first session of ”Opening the Money Flow” I understood that the shame came from the childhood stories about the two girls who spent or saved their money. The “good girl” saved her money and did good deeds. The “bad girl” was the one I liked; she was daring, wild and seemed to have so much fun. I preferred the “bad” girl and that gave me feelings of shame and guilt, as it was impossible for me to identify with the “good girl”, she was too decent for me.  Now, finally, I can heal my shame around money, I don’t have to choose between the good or bad, there is a third way! Things have certainly changed for my husband and me, my limiting beliefs dissolves and I can receive more and more, and more… Liselotte’s transformation series has clearly been a turning been a tipping point for my wealth consciousness.”

Rinella Grahn

Rinella / Sweden

“I have found my authentic niche and now it’s easy to take clear, aligned actions to accelerate the success in my business. Thanks to the short but powerful break through session I am leaving the “play small”-game behind. I dare to be visible, “dancing” on the front row to fulfill my Souls Mission!”

Carin Dackman

In Movement / Sweden

“Working with Liselotte gave me the opportunity to delve into the emotions that prevented me from taking giant leaps in my life. Her strengths as a business coach are her abilities to see, clarify, and heal the unconscious grief and wounds that are blocking your way to success; thus helping you see the bigger picture of what you are creating. When that is taken care of, there is no way back.  You just move forward leaping into the unknown with greater confidence. Thanks to Liselotte, I created my personal branding, specific products, and the next level of my coaching program.”

Maria Appelqvist

Ceo, Sex, Money and Leadership