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Each topic will be tailored to the audience or situation and normally lasts for 45-60 minutes. They can also be tailored as 1/2 day or full day workshops.

Why Women Earn Less

And How To Up The Earning

The discussion of women’s earnings focuses exclusively on the wage gap. It’s widely known that the workplace is skewed to favour men. There is a glass ceiling. There is gender discrimination. There is an old boy’s network.

Millions of women under-earn, without knowing they do so. Women get fewer raises, smaller bonuses, and less frequent promotions than men. But what isn’t widely known is that these factors are only part of the problem.

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The soul of Leadership

It requires a special set of skills and abilities for recognizing and living your own excellence, managing relationships with elegance and compassion, and interacting effectively with others to move towards a vision of a rewarding future.

This talk aim to Challenge som of your assumptions and leadership habits. 

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Why business professionals ruin their success - how to stop the self sabotage

Many says stress is the biggest saboteur to success. Independent of the situation you have the power to change your reality.  In this topic Liselotte will tell you

  • How to keep cool under pressure
  • How to make the best use of your brain and avoid distractions
  • How to bounce back with maximim resilience

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“Jag är mycket kritisk och har hört det mesta men detta var det bästa jag hört på mycket länge! Nu är jag inspirerad och fylld med nya tankar och möjligheter!”

Åhörare efter inspirationsföreläsning “Tjäna Pengar Medan Du Sover”, Godmorgon Lund


“Jag lyssnade på ditt föredrag om Pengar och jag måste säga att det var bland det bästa jag varit på. Jag är rätt så luttrad och trodde faktiskt inte att det skulle ge mer än alla de andra föredragen jag lyssnat på. Du gjorde definitivt skillnad för jag löneförhandlade – med Dina ord ringande i mina öron – lyfte min lön med 50 procent! Tack!”

Irene L. efter föreläsning om pengar


“Liselotte is a great performer and teacher, as well as speaker. She provides a unique service I’ve never experienced before and I recommend every CEO and business owner to take her course in Cash Flow. She gives a new, modern and essential way to understand global business in a new time”

Erika Mikaelsson, founder of, channel for change


“Liselotte is an excellent teacher in the school of life. Attending her seminars I found new dimensions you never can learn from a book. Thanks to Liselotte I’m able to bring my business to higher levels.”

Annika Sörensen, läkare, grundare av “Ask Dr Annika”


”Liselotte is an amazing and inspiring speaker, she engages the listener and we loved to have her speak at our Inaugural Summit in Stockholm.”

Jaleh Taheri, founder of Women For Sustainable Growth 

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