Molander Method®

Liselotte Molander speaking

The Molander Method® is a cutting edge personal transformation methodology which results in a new perspective and paradigm in thinking and feeling.

Developed by Liselotte Molander, it is the culmination of more than 35 years of research and studies in numerous disciplines including human behaviour, philosophy, metaphysics, psychology,  neurology, physiology and communications technology.

The Molander Method® is a powerful, effective and efficient methodology in personal transformation.

The Molander Method® is:

A systematic series of questions directed toward the objective of assisting an individual to feel present, empowered and gratitude.

A procedure that neutralizes an individual’s emotional charges, balances his/her mental and physical reactions, opens his/her heart and clears his/her mind.

A reproducible science enabling individuals to discover the underlying order governing their apparent daily chaos.

The Molander Method® is a powerful, effective and efficient methodology in personal transformation. It is an effective means of transforming any form of stress or conflict.

The Molander Method® was developed for the purposes of:

  • Staying cool under pressure
  • Bouncing back fast
  • Dissolving stress
  • Embracing change
  • Balancing emotional perceptions
  • Dissolving distractions and mind chatter
  • Reconciling and dissolving conflict
  • Dissolving feelings and behaviours resulting from fear and guilt
  • Experiencing clarity of vision
  • Generating greater degrees of gratitude, love,
  • Build and strengthen resilience, certainty, and presence

Benefits of the Molander Method®

As a cutting-edge personal transformation methodology, the Molander Method® can assist you in transforming all areas of your life:


  •      Awakens and humbles your mind to a greater intelligence inherent in nature.
  •      Opens your mind to greater wisdom and truth.
  •      Opens your heart to greater love and appreciation.


  •      Organizes your ideas and thoughts, bringing order out of chaos.
  •      Expands your mind and awakens your intuitive faculties.
  •      Clears away your emotionally-charged memories and imaginings.


  •      Adds more certainty and clarity to your career direction.
  •      Inspires and strengthens a greater inner drive.
  •      Increases wisdom and wise actions instead of pure reaction


  •      Helps you develop greater self-worth.
  •      Decreases your excuses that tend to sabotage wealth.
  •      Moderates your over/under spending.


  •      Enhances conscious and intimate communication.
  •      Resolves conflict and decreases blame.
  •      Adds respect and understanding.


  •      Generates leadership qualities.
  •      Helps you breakthrough fears and guilt.
  •      Adds clarity to your mission and direction.


  •      Clears emotionally charged tensions.
  •      Dissolves stress and adds vitality.
  •      Help you stay cool under pressure.

The Molander Method®  appears to impact the function of the hypothalamus, amygdala, and limbic structures – the primary centers of primitive emotional expression – fear, guilt, empathy, sympathy, aggression.

Here are just a few ways the Molander Method® will improve your life: 

Bring more heart and soul into your home and work place

Add greater ‘spirit’ to your life.

Provide you distinct leadership advantages and link your mind, body, heart and soul together.

Eliminates your feelings of blame and victimization that disempower you

Provides continuity between your intuition and intelligence

Provides the most powerful means for shifting your states of consciousness

Increases the quality of your life

Builds your confidence and magnetism

Allows you deeper levels of love

Provides you greater health

Provides you new creative insights and perspectives

Allows you greater intuition and inspiration

Neutralizes your blocked emotions

Dissolves protective shells around your heart

Improves your cardiovascular function

Provide you greater energy and vitality

Act as your battery booster

Clarify your mental distractions

Improve your immune system functions

Encourage within you true and balanced caring

Change your self elevating or self-defeating behaviors into ones building greater self-worth

Revitalizes your bored or burned-out relationships

Transforms your worry, anxiety and guilt into healthy, productive actions

Heightens your courage

Increases your mental effectiveness

Rebalances your emotional imbalances

Harmonizes your male and female energies

Transforms your energy-draining judgments into love

Clarifies your confusions

Enhances your interpersonal communications

Awakens your inner motivation

Improves your financial well-being and self-worth

Inspires you to have greater overall appreciation for life.

The Molander Method® forms the cornerstone of the Shifting Foundation, Liselotte Molander’s 2 day revolutionary self development program where you will learn this powerful, transferable, reproducible tool for global human transformation.

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