My Passion Is To Empower People

My passion is to empower people by helping them overcome fear, transforming limiting beliefs and identifying their blind spots as well as their absolute gifts and purpose. Common blind spots are “I’m not good enough”, feeling trapped, overwhelm, and issues with money and self worth.

Apart from my long work experience as business developer and sales/marketing manager, I have undertaken many coach trainings and have obtain certifications as Master Career Coach, Big Leap Coach, Relationship Coach and Consultant, Business and Leadership coach. I’ve developed my own method, Molander Method®, to help people get unstuck, unlock creativity and make change stuck. My organisation offers integral development solutions for embracing and driving change, staying cool under pressure and solving problems faster.

My clients come from different walks of life and professions.  I have a particular expertise in coaching business owners, and leaders in business to become remarkable and integrate their insights to make profound impact in their lives and professions.  

I have a special talent for quickly getting to the core of issues influencing the client’s personal and professional lives and will rigorously question the way things are and will challenge you to think differently about what’s really going on for you.

Coaching & Consulting

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I rarely repeat the same thing twice so my speaking events differs from time to time. Fin out where I’m speaking next time.

SHIFT to a New Reality

A SHIFT workshop or retreat is the first step to learn the Molander Method® and all it’s possibilities. Challenge your beliefs and thought patterns – after SHIFT your world will change, I promise!


Prefer to get started on your own? Surf through my library of e-books, home study courses and articles and choose what best suits you.

Liselotte is not just a coach with strong intuition. She’s a highly experienced business professional who leads you to your inner self, true self and best self, in your every day life. If you’re ready to go deeper than you ever done before and higher than you thought was possible – you’ve come to the right place.

Liselotte Molander works with clients around the world who seek integrative and transformational coaching in order to become remarkable. She has great understanding and long experience from organisational cultures, what blocks communication and innovation, and what is needed to bring people together for better results. 

Liselotte has a unique ability to quickly identify limiting beliefs and blocks to success. She’s creative, dynamic and have developed the Molander Method®, a method that will increase creativity and emotional awareness, help you outsmart your brain and boost your innate power.

Her professional background includes:
15 years as professional leadership coach and business strategist
15 years in business development and senior executive in large international corporations
5 years in financial services, marketing & sales
5 years in marketing and sales, international and international.

Some of my most requested speaking topics

Why Women Earn Less

The discussion of women’s earnings focuses exclusively on the wage gap. It’s widely known that the workplace is skewed to favour men. There is a glass ceiling. There is gender discrimination. There is an old boy’s network. Women get fewer raises, smaller bonuses, and less frequent promotions than men. But what isn’t widely known is that these factors are only part of the problem.

Trough out this presentation attendees will discover why they’ve been under-earning and how they can change it. They will leave feeling empowered and ready to take actionable steps regarding their earnings.

One participant raised her salary with 50% after this presentation!

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The Soul of Leadership

It requires a special set of skills and abilities for recognizing and living your own excellence, managing relationships with elegance and compassion, and interacting effectively with others to move towards a vision of a rewarding future.

This talk aim to Challenge som of your assumptions and leadership habits. The listeners will leave feeling inspired to step up as an inspirational leader. They will get practical tips on what it takes to become a true business alchemist and a successful authentic leader.

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Why business professionals sabotage their success

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