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Working with Liselotte is like a life changing journey; you’ll change how you view yourself and your possibilities, weather your focus is your private life or your career/business. If you’re ready to go deeper than you ever done before and higher than you thought was possible – you’ve come to the right place.

Liselotte is not just a coach with strong intuition. She’s a powerful guide who leads you to your inner self, true self and best self, in your every day life. 

Choose among Liselotte’s different level of engagement: private retreats, individual coaching, masterminds and workshops.

Liselotte Molander Molander Method Business & Leadership Excellence

Liselotte Molander Molander Method Business & Leadership Excellence

Consulting Services

Liselotte’s extensive background as a leader and business developer in international corporations has taken her to more than 54 countries and cultures and challenging business decisions.

Liselotte works with small and large companies who wants to develop their leaders as well as their businesses. She will challenge your thinking and help you to ‘outsmart’ your brain so you can see possibilities where you didn’t think they existed.

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 Liselotte Speaking


With her engaging style, Liselotte delivers both wisdom and inspiration at her different thoughts provoking speaking events.

Each topic is customized to fit the audience demand.

Liselotte will challenge your thinking and inspire you to go outside your comfort zone. Each speaking event is unique and customized to the audience.

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Liselotte Molander Molander Method Business & Leadership Excellence



Private Retreat 

Break the cycle of limiting beliefs, repetitive patterns and unhealthy behaviours in a private total transformational SHIFT retreat. Leave the old behind and maximize your potential in a new future. Read More